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"..." ― William


William is an 11-year-old mute Avistovikan. Due to his lack of family, Toffee steps in as his father after his brother, Alvin, went missing.


William is a caucasian of unknown ethnicity. His hair is a straight black that fades to a puffy brown. His eyes are hazel and a long knife scar runs from his cheek to his ankle on his left side.

He is usually seen with a dusty orange hoodie that has two white stripes running down the sleeves and denim shorts. Though he runs around mostly barefoot, William may don a pair of sandals.


William isn't hesitant to (physically) defend those he cares about, but wont hesitate to shoot a glare. He easily gets along with new faces and doesn't seem to judge.


William was torn from his mother, Taylor, at a very young age. He has stated he isn't too sure where his father went, and was left up to a foster family.

and then toffee exists


Due to a lack of parents and guardians, William has grown attached to Toffee. He looks up to him as a father and will constantly turn to him.


William communicates through the american sign language and lipsyncing his words. Of course, still very little people actually understand him.