"..." ― William


Hes got his own arc.

William is an 11-year-old mute Avistovikan. Due to his lack of family, Toffee steps in as his father after his brother, Alvin, went missing.


William is a caucasian of unknown ethnicity. His hair is bold straight brown that fades to a puffy black. His eyes are hazel. There is a long knife scar that runs from his cheek to his ankle on his left side.

He is usually seen with a dusty orange hoodie that has two white stripes running down the sleeves and denim shorts.


William is bold and fearless. He tries to keep his emotions under control, but being young he of course can't.




Due to a lack of parents and guardians, William has grown attached to Toffee. He looks up to him as a father and will constantly turn to him.


William communicates through the american sign language and lipsyncing his words. Of course, still very little people actually understand him.

Do not use William and Toffee's relationship as a means to support pedophilia. You have common sense, right?

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