Cocania Wiki

The wiki is quite unorganized, messy, and in desperate need of furnishing. That's about it.

Editing rules

With freedom to edit comes chaos. Please do not:

  • Vandalize pages (Blanking, spamming, etc.)
  • Create false info (i.e. finishing character's last names [the only exception here is if you have proof you were told elsewhere])
  • Create new pages with no knowledge of them beforehand, or because you "felt like it" (You may make placeholders, but please write something, tag it, and do not leave a blank page)
  • Add your own characters

Do not ask to edit a locked admin-only page, or a page with the "Salient Page" tag. Those whos pages are locked are either important, or leftovers who will be reopened soon.


The wiki should be semi-serious, with information being straightforward and not too vague (unless it actually is of course).


Humor, whether it be self-deprivation or shitposting, should be sparse or never used.


Let the "fuck"s and "shit"s be hardly used, and only used in humor. For the love of god, don't call every villain a "bitch ass motherfucker".


Don't try to be QuIrKY and disrupt the normal flow of how articles are stylized. Look off of finished and polished articles and follow their lead. If there is a missing part that no other article has, do your best and set a good lead for other articles using that.

Those motherfucking headings

Shoutout to 2019 poly for fucking doing that

As of 2020, headings will be refurbished instead of gibberish. It was silly at first, but now looking for information is confusing when its under the chapter "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

  • Picture captions can stay the way they are, though.




Concerning characters...

In attempt to refurbish the appearance of the article, the wiki will use simple, yet detailed and colored fullbody drawings for the characters. Not everyone is a floating torso.

Concerning non-characters...

A simple doodle like characters.


Add a link to a page the first time it is mentioned. Be careful not to turn everything blue.

Oddly specific links

Do not external link to the stupidest shit. Unless you are specifying something to avoid confusion (i.e. The state of Maine in America and not the Maine River in France), don't link it.

Reporting abuse/Who's in charge

If a user continues to break the above guides after being given 3 warnings; their editing privileges will be revoked.

Do not bring drama in. The only way you can rejoice is if they've broken the rules.

Every other common-known rule is still in play. (No NSFW, nothing that goes against FANDOM's policy, ect.)

If you wish to speak with a higher up for more editing permissions or another reason:

  • Polygon: Project manager, artist, everything else in-between
  • Frosty: Head administrator, overseer, assistant (should be contacted first)

A note from Poly: "if youre a person from the EC group, you dont have to ask just shoot me a dm"