"Nice to have someone of similar origin around." ― Vincent to Raymond

He is currently dead and wandering the afterlife.


Vincent (full name unavailable) was a 61-year-old human, who strangely came from Maine. He is regarded as a villain due to working under Lucy's orders, yet is highly debated to due his true morals.

He is also known for working on CS-55 and CS-78, and being the lesser known parent to Olivia.


Vincent is a caucasian of european decent. He has void black straight hair, which is curiously long; tied back in a messy ponytail. He has a slight sideburn, and there is a large faded scar on his nose. Vincent's eyes are dusty chocolate.

He wears a mild purple shirt with rolled up sleeves, it seems to be a bit big on him. His pants are the casual denim.


Vincent is seen as sinister due to his correlation with Lucy, which is very contrary to his true side. He's described by some as "The cool grandad you didn't have". Vincent is generally nice, with a bit of occasional humor to cheer up a heavy mood. He's also generous.


Mysteriously, Vincent was blown away on a ship to then be washed up on the shores on Avistovika.

yadda yadda lucy i guess


Despite most likely being hated due to his association with Lucy, Vincent remains neutral to those he sees. He had a good bond with Raymond and actually hoped to be on good terms with Enise before death. His feelings towards his wife began to get mixed after dying and is mostly overtaken by fear (that's a bad sign in a relationship dude).

He has mixed feelings about Flynn.


He got the nose scar from a shard of scrap metal when he was younger.

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