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Toffee is fine with himself. He despises being unable to smile and his height, but is otherwise content.

Family members

  • Quartz - Mother; Great (The two still stay in touch, despite both life and age.)
  • Jaques - Father; Great, still a little concerned for them (Even though Jaques is a nervous father, Toffee still thinks he did his best.)
  • Butterscotch - Twin sister; Great (Despite being siblings, the two have been seen getting along strangely well. Fights included.)
  • William - Foster son; Great (It has been shown multiple times that Toffee has accepted his role as a father to William, especially after the scar incident.)


  • DW - Platonic friend; Great (Even though they clash against each other, DW and Toffee have constantly stuck up for the other.)
  • Frosty - Who? Plausible friend; Good (Toffee has been seen with Frosty and accompanying her around.)
  • L - Unknown; Ok (Toffee thinks very little of what DW has told him about her.)
  • LSD - Childhood friend; still on good terms (Toffee has been seen still being a guide for LSD when the two are together.)
  • Gürret - Childhood friend; still on good terms (The two seem to still want to stay in touch with the other.)
  • Charcoal - Friend; Great (Jaques' friend. The two have been around each other for a long time.)
  • Nutmeg - Childhod friend; Great (The two have caught up after school through an accidental meeting up again.)
  • Kanadana - Acquaintance; Ok (Having only minimally communicated through dreams, Toffee seems to think DW's mother is fine.)
  • Rexous - Faint friend; Neutral (Rexous' many attempts to seduce Toffee in his dreams has left him with a bad feeling. But they somehow awkwardly get along.)
  • Corey - Rival; Terrible (The two have had a messy childhood history together.)
  • Enise - Best friend; Great (They've made up after what Lucy did to them, and have been looking out for each others' backs.)
  • Flynn - Friend; Great (Toffee and Flynn have been seen walking together and conversating.)
  • Lola - Friend; Good (Although the two barley interact, they both think good of the other.)
  • Lydia - Friend; Good (Does suplexing the other count as a friendship?)
  • Claire - Friend of friend; Good (Claire is both William's friend and Enise's daughter. Toffee is seen on a positive note with her.)
  • Olly - Ex-girlfriend; Horrendous (Toffee is literally scared of Olly.)
  • Lucy - Enemy; Horrendous (Lucy is both responsible for Jaques' death and his and Enise's conflicts.)
  • Menthol - Family's enemy; Terrible (Menthol and Quartz have had history, continuing on to Toffee.)
  • Viva - Enemy; Horrendous (This didn't end well after what happened to Butterscotch.)
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