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"Do not ask me about what is under the mask. Do not ask about me in general." ― Reese


Reese is a blessed human who is the leader of Avistovika. They are most notable for their wood mask.


Reese is a caucasian of unknown decent. Their dusty black hair puffs out all around. In the holes of their mask are a pair of eyes, with only the sclera being visible.

Reese wears an open-shouldered long-sleeved light green shirt; with the ends of the sleeves fading into white. Their pants are black, along with the pair of fingerless gloves. Reese's shoes are a dark teal. Around their neck lays a long moonstone necklace.

Reese's mask is a dusty orange, with a white underside and cheeks. Around the eyeholes is black, with triangle tear ducts. The runic blue horns are engraved with notches.


Reese is mostly cold. They aren't too open to talk, and will gladly end any conversation if they feel like it.


Only a handful of people has seen Reese's face.

Reese has been childhood best friends with Jagneaux.

Jagneaux is the main (and only) reason why Enise is in a position of power, due to his begging.