"Problem is, he gets a stroke the more he thinks about 'eyes' and 'yes'."

― Quartz about Jaques

ok so in a nutshell

She is currently alive.

Quartz Jan Marelle Glacii is a 62-year-old albino cat, who is sisters with Aloe and Menthol. She now lives in Central Cocania with Allanah; though she used to live in Southern Cocania with her family. Quartz is the wife of Jaques and the mother to Toffee and Butterscotch. She also has the zombie trait.

what the fuchsbubc does this hecko look like man

Quartz is all-white. Ears, muzzle, tail, hands and paws are all a red-to-white gradient. Her eyes are robin's egg blue, but the oval pupils are bloodshot red.

She wears a lavender hoodie with dusty sky blue pants.

She is also notably seen with a large one-sided axe.


Quartz is hyper, she refuses to calm down and constantly looks for attention. She also tends to use humor alot, mostly depressive.

life events or somethign h 

shes got an arc dude

how they act to thoese random people

See this article.

other stuff about whoeevr this loser is

She sounds most like Sylvia from Wander over Yonder.

Quartz knows the fourth wall.

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