"Vultures circling over the bodies, sick of feeding on basmati..."

― Lucy muttering to herself

Lucy (full name undefined currently) was a 59-year-old human who resided in --. She is the 2nd thane successor of an unknown person, with her successor being Enise. In the afterlife she took guard of a tower behind Nuthral.

Lucy is the main villain of the series, with her husband Vincent tagging along in her schemes, now being succeeded by Olivia.

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Lucy is a caucasian female of unknown ethnicity. She has long golden-and-gray blonde hair which is in a braid. Her eyes are dim lit blue.

She wears a grey shirt, with darker grey stripes on it. Over that is worn a white vest. Lucy's pants are black. She also wears white boots.


Lucy is brooding and full of spite, she intends on keeping an energy of misery about her. Lucy likes to feel more powerful than others, and will shove others down to come out on top. She's quite quick to anger.

In the afterlife, her attitude drastically changed. Lucy is now hate-driven to everyone but her husband, and will snap if even talked to. She's violent to people who tread on her territory, and will attack them.

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She's got an arc.

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Due to her keeping her posture straight to appear taller, Lucy doesn't have severe kyphosis.

Some assume 15-17's power may have afflicted her, assuming that's the reason for her severe ambition.

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