"You mean this country is our only hope from Mavisten? How big is this place then!?"

― Frosty


Frosty Parker Larsen is a 19-year-old demihuman ambassador from Eroclera. She has made a guest appearances in the series. It's unknown whether she belongs to Cocania or Avistovika, and makes her best attempts to appear Cocanian.


Frosty is a Norwegian caucasian with flowing snowy blue hair. Her eyes are brightened grass green, with an eyepatch covering one eye. She has a pair of white fuzzy fox ears with blue-ish filling and golden piercings in one ear. There is a fluffy white-with-blue-tipping tail attached to her.

Frosty wears a white hoodie with a purple shirt underneath and fading denim shorts. She covers her feet with robin's egg blue boots.


Frosty is hyper and bounces all over the place trying to look around. Her curiosity has led to some being suspicious of her.


Frosty and Toffee seem to be good pals, with Frosty sticking with Toffee to explore.


She goes crazy at the term "Chicken tender".

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