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"a" ― Enise


Enise (full name undefined currently) is a 34-year old blessed human who takes residence in [insert sub area of avistovika here]. Enise, being the daughter of Lyssa and Jagneaux, and the younger sister to Aura, currently reigns as 2nd thane of Avistovika after Lucy. She has also adopted Claire.


Enise is pale caucasian of Korean decent. Her hair is jet black, usually (put up or maybe its like that? who knows) in a weird manner, with hair spiking out of the back and two long strands in the front.

Over Enise's dusty camo green shirt is a black leather cape with long sleeves which was handed down. Her pants are denim and her shoes are dark green. She wears a necklace with three emerald triangles on it.

Alternatively, Enise may wear a maroon turtleneck dress with long sleeves for various occasions.


Enise is a hothead, going from being collected to snapping at others in an instant. When rational, Enise is looked up to for her quick wit and knowledge.


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Enise stated once that in her late teens she attended a "boot-summer camp kind of thing", in where she originally got the idea to become a thane and learned how to wield a spear.




Enise's hair may change with her current emotion.

Enise is a frequent consumer of alcohol, and is usually seen carried by a friend on multiple occasions.

  • Shes too drunk to actually do anything.