"One, the arrows. Two, to your right. Three, I will call you a fatass and you can't stop me you fatass." ― DW to a paralyzed Toffee


They (used to be) are the deuteragonist of Cocania, tagging along with Toffee. They are currently alive, because demons cannot die.

DW (it doesn't stand for anything) is a demon with the power of destruction, destroying anything that blocks their path. Sometimes destroying entire continents, maybe even planets. There is no stopping DW. They are an immortal being that will forever live on in the sands of time. (thanku moon for this) Currently they reside in Southern Cocania with Toffee. Sometimes they go under the pseudonym of G whilst possessing a corpse.


as DW

DW is transparent and has no body, but has a face and two horns (often confused for ears, they don't move) to ram stuff with, and a three-pointed tail. No legs, but two arms that can retract and protract three claws on the hands. In a nut, its just loss.

If you're wondering how they move, they float.

as G

When DW possesses the corpse that probably isn't shnuffed somewhere in Toffee's house they have, they take the name of G (which also doesn't stand for anything) to use. It's a female 16-ish body, with fluffy long brown hair thats tied in a ponytail. On the neck rests a soft white bandanna. They wear a black t-shirt, with a white star on it accompanied by a red frilled skirt. They wear red-brown boots. Thats totally not the blood of their enemies that stained them crimson. The body is chubby-ish and goes to a height of ~5 ft. In this version they carry an extremely sharp knife on them, just in case.


One day, i will destroy this planet in the solar system and find the next life forms and rule over them. you guys are absolutley terrible and i fish that i never see your face again on this earth.

long file name haha funee

DW is very, very childish. They constantly get themselves into trouble by insulting others, whether serious or jokingly.




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