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"One, the arrows. Two, to your right. Three, I will call you a fatass and you can't stop me you fatass." ― DW to a paralyzed Toffee


They (used to be) are the deuteragonist of Cocania, tagging along with Toffee. They are currently alive, because demons cannot die.

DW (it doesn't stand for anything) is a demon with the power of destruction, destroying anything that blocks their path. Currently they reside in Southern Cocania with Toffee. Sometimes they go under the pseudonym of G whilst possessing a corpse.


as DW

DW is transparent and has no body, but has a face and two horns (often confused for ears, they don't move) to ram stuff with, and a three-pointed tail. No legs, but two arms that can retract and protract three claws on the hands. In a nut, its just loss.

If you're wondering how they move, they float.

as G

When DW possesses the corpse that probably isn't shnuffed somewhere in Toffee's house they have, they take the name of G (which also doesn't stand for anything) to use. It's a female 16-ish body, with fluffy long brown hair thats tied in a ponytail. On the neck rests a soft white bandanna. They wear a black t-shirt, with a white star on it accompanied by a red frilled skirt. They wear red-brown boots. The body is chubby-ish and goes to a height of ~5 ft. In this version they carry an extremely sharp knife on them, just in case.


File:One day, i will destroy this planet in the solar system and find the next life forms and rule over them. you guys are absolutley terrible and i fish that i never see your face again on this earth..png

long file name haha funee

DW acts on a childish impulse, always causing them to get into trouble. They do not think first, but always act first.




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