"Silence, Fireplace Ashes!"

― Corey's nickname for Toffee


Corey (thats it, he doesnt have a full name) is a 37-year-old kangaroo with the zombie trait who resides somewhere in Craveyard with Genesis. He dedicates his life to being a nuisance to everyone and disregarding rules.


Corey is mainly royal blue, with blue-white inner ear fillings, facial markings, half-colored limbs, undercoat, and tail fuzz. He has bold cyan eyes (with white sclera) and tail tipping. Corey also has small white wings, which are only so big enough to let him hover in the air or glide.

His ears are noticeably long.

He wears a midnight black hoodie. Aside from clothing, his most prominent feature is carrying Alexis. Corey manages to utilize them in many ways.


Corey is mischievous; he goes around as he pleases, usually getting himself into trouble. Along with being troublesome, he gets quite sadistic and times and those who pick a fight with him will only be at his mercy.






Corey is apparently the leader of all the sentient objects, who include but are not limited to;

Corey is usually seen on a higher ledge, russian squatting.

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