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"Sorry, I didn't have a swear jar on me..." ― Butterscotch after literally punching someone at mach 4 for using profanity

ok so in a nutshell

She is currently dead and wandering the afterlife.

Butterscotch Fleur Glacii was 21 when she died, due to Viva. She resided in Southern Cocania with her family, Toffee her brother, Quartz her mother, and Jaques her father. Along with her brother, Butterscotch has gigantism.

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Butterscotch is mostly white, with orange splotches in the same pattern as her brother. Her eyes are dandelion yellow, with slit pupils.

  • Her fur is apparently more softer than her brother's.

She wears either a long simple pink dress, or a dusty teal turtleneck-dress hybrid.


Butterscotch is extremely happy and bouncy; so much to a concerning extent. She has pacifist morals, and refuses to hold a grudge.

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Her flower is a golden asiatic lily.

Like her brother, Butterscotch is stuck smiling all the time. Although, it seems she emotes a bit more than Toffee.