"loud metal noise"

― Alexis


Alexis is a sentient street sign who is the weapon of Corey. It's unknown if she minds being used as a weapon, but she doesn't get a single dent.


Alexis's "face" is a large bold yellow triangle, with a big bold black "!" on it. It is also reflective to light. The pole is no different from normal street signs, being long and made of steel.


For several reasons, nobody really knows what Alexis is like. She acts protective over Corey though, attempting to attack anyone who attacks him. She's mostly passive when alone.


Alexis was one of the few objects who would try and follow Corey around when he was younger in an attempt to keep him company.




Alexis moves around by flipping on the ground.

She hates being picked up by anyone else but Corey, and will vigorously attempt to shake out of grip.

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